Monday Inspirations - Failure works for me.

I clearly remember being and high school and our guidance counselor would advice "Find a job you will love, because you will be doing it the rest of your life." and it was something that I took to heart and hence knew my job would be found in the arts--making me a graphic designer.

Sharon Montrose certainly played by those rules and became an animal photographer merging her two loves into a successful and profitable career that allows her creativity to soar. I cannot wait to someday decorate a nursery with her collection of baby animal pictures. You can buy these HERE.

To learn more about Sharon click HERE to a wonderful interview by The Every Girl

And I don't know if you guys feel inspired, but I'm gonna go get me a baby llama to photograph!

Oh, and THANK YOU so much for your support on last week's post! I promise to get back into the swing of bloggin' See y'all soon!


3 lovely comments:

  1. OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMG these are crazy adorable! i especially love the baby giraffe omgosh too cute for words!

  2. This was a pretty refreshing post to read, glad to see I'm not the only one who's just trying to figure it all out even if it means I fail 99% of the time lol. Again, Great post :)

    70th and Chic

  3. Yep! Those pics are out of this world cool! Thank you for sharing her work! Inspiring! Have a great week!


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