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There I was wearing a skirt and a simple top with a statement necklace and I got many compliments and a few "who are you bearing legs for?" comments. It dawned on me that when you work in an office environment, a skirt or dress are usually considered "dressed up" attire though I know many of us wear them often out of the office.

One lady even stopped me on the hallway and said, "are you dating someone, or who are you dressing for?

Who am I dressing for? My self!

So I got to thinking, when you choose your attire in the mornings, who do you dress for?
Is it your boss? Your co-workers? Your boyfriend/husband? Strangers? Your self?

I gave this some serious thought and here is where my priorities lie:

I dress for:

1. WORK - let's be honest, some of the work-rules are a bit out-dated (no jeans, no open toe shoes, no t-shirts, no denim) Alas, I have to follow rules so none of these make it out of my closet on a M-F basis.

2. My Boss - This is the person I have to impress on a daily basis. I want to come across as professional and put together.

3. My Client - As a free-lancer, I meet clients on a daily basis and many times unscheduled meetings pop-up, so it is important that I look like I can coordinate an outfit, hence I can coordinate their marketing needs.

4. My Self- Sad truth, but honest. Now, this doesn't mean that when you see me I look far from what I would if I could have 100% true choice of attire. I do manage to incorporate things that are important to me on a daily basis. I will post soon about how I bend the rules a bit ;)

So, who do you dress for? Do you keep your husband/partner in mind?


8 lovely comments:

  1. I dress for work, my blog (for outfit photos yaaay!), for myself (I always have to impress myself, I think it's an ego thing LOL) and my husband (I still find it cute when he says I look cute haha). :)


    1. Hey there lady! Long time no visit ;) So glad you've swung by!


  2. i dress for myself, my hubs and my blog!

    i like "feeling" cute heh.. and i like it when my hubs tells me i look good.. and i try not to dress too "skanky" heh.. because i am a married women.. heh :p

    and when i'm planning on photographing an OOTD i admittedly do take a little extra time to coordinate my outfit that day hehehe :p

    when i worked.. or in the future when i return to work.. i definitely do take into consideration how appropriate my outfit is for the office :)

    1. Ahhh how nice that you can prioritize your self first!! dressing for the boss is not much fun :(


  3. I dress for myself. I try to be stylish. But I am a mom so as much as I want to be cute, it is totally not okay to attract that kind of attention to myself.

    1. cute must be the new word for sexy.

  4. I agree, work does put a lot of restrictions that I think should change as fashion evolves. We need to dress more fashion forward at work.


  5. I love this post. I get that a lot too, thankfully working in Online Marketing allows me to be a bit more creative and fashion forward than most jobs. I say always dress for yourself first:)

    xx Cara


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